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The founder of Hoa Binh Ltd., is Mr. Nguyen Huu Duong - a soldier returning from the Vietnam fierce war. He started to built his fortune from his empty hands as if to again confirm to society that soldiers like him could not only exist in wartime but to be flourished in peacetime.

Hoa Binh Co., Ltd. was precursor to a group of wounded soldiers, and the name HOA BINH itself also spoke a lot about their aspirations - the soldiers returned home after the war with their bodies no longer healed but their desire for the future is extremely intense. After nearly 30 years of growth and development, Hoa Binh Co., Ltd has affirmed its name in the market and in key areas of business:

  • Alcohol & Beverage trading and producting
  • Civil & Industrial construction
  • Malt production (the main raw material for beer processing)
  • House & real estate trading
  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Producing stainless steel, manufacturing mechanical products for food industry

With the motto of "Doing what we dream for others," Hoa Binh is always a close partner with customers, colleagues to develop a strong and reliable relationship.





The wounded soldiers returned to work together to establish a first private beer and beverage factory in Vietnam with capacity of 500 thousand liters per year. This is the predecessor of Hoa Binh Co., Ltd.


The factory of food technology equipment was born, with the main products such as beer filter, butterfly valve, quick chiller, hygiene ball ... This is considered as the first factory in Vietnam producing the equipment for the import food industry. Also in this year, Hoa Binh Limited Company was born, marking the new development of the company in the field of business.


Hoa Binh Co Ltd, in cooperation with Elite Wines & Spirits, established a French-Vietnamese wine joint venture with initial capital of more than US $ 3.5 million, of which Hoa Binh Co Ltd contributed 80% of the total capital. This is the first joint venture of Vietnam in the field of wine production.


The company built a modern, fully automated European beer factory with a capacity of 3 million liters per year. This is the first beer factory built by Vietnamese experts and engineers. Also in 1998, the company was assessed to be one of the 20 typical enterprises by Hanoi People's Committee.


Malt Sugar Company was established in Tien Son Industrial Park - Bac Ninh with synchronous malt processing line of Lausmann Company (Germany) to be the first producer of malt material in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. In April 2004, Malt sugar factory officially came into operation with a capacity of 35,000 tons per year. The quality of malt has been highly appreciated by domestic and foreign experts. The investment in Malt Sugar Company has confirmed the determination and willpower of the soldiers, ready to explore new areas. The birth of Malt Sugar Company has helped Vietnamese enterprises to be more proactive in producing domestic materials while reducing the amount of foreign currency that businesses have to import Malt from abroad.


Twenty-two floor Hoa Binh International Twin Tower officially came into operation. Located strategically on the Hoang Quoc Viet street linking Ba Dinh Square with North-West development area of Hanoi. Hoa Binh International Twin Tower is one of 5 star international standard buildings, withstand earthquakes up to level 8.

Also In 2006, Hoa Binh Palace Hotel was opened. The hotel is designed in modern French architecture, located in the elegant space of Hanoi Old Quarter, giving customers the feeling of peace, tranquility but no less luxurious.


Started construction of Hoa Binh Green Apartment at 376 Buoi Street to meet the demand for housing of people in the city. With the top quality criteria, the company always uses the most advanced techniques to improve the quality of use and services. This will become an architectural masterpiece in the new architectural masterplan of the capital, in accordance with the general masterplan, contributing to the completed urban architecture to the city to welcomes the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi


Completed the construction of Hoa Binh Green Apartment and handed over to customers into operation. The building is highly appreciated for its quality of construction and service.


Opened The Hoa Binh Green Condominium - luxury apartment building with full services & amennities and managed by the Ascott Group.

In the same year, started the construction of Hoa Binh Green City Apartment at 505 Minh Khai Street to meet the needs of residents of the southeastern part of the city.